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this thread will contain the hard ways, so called easy ways to pave a beginners way into Python coding !


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    Sticking to the official documentation is the best way to go. But, as a beginner it may SEEM as a really difficult/annoying thing at first.

    So, I recommend to just get to know to the syntax of the Programming Language from Tutorials Point and then practice your basic programs that you do at your college and then move as soon as possible to the internal libraries.

    The libraries in Python add the majority of the beauty to it. You can then explore the 'W-I-D-E' varieties of API's available out there.
  • I plus one the above ans.

    Still if you are looking for some colourful screen which would give you a kick start into Python, then this is the one the good places,

    but, the best way is what @arjunmayilvaganan suggested !
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