[HELP] Builiding a customized OS for CEGLUG

if we were to build a customized OS for CEGLUG, which could be said as " the student developer pack" , then please lets us know what softwares are to be included ! and pls post your various ways to go about it, like just taking ubuntu and then customizing it to create ur version or building it right from the already available kernel !


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    Well, what I'm going to mention for now are the obvious ones. :P
    I'll keep adding as and when I remember the other good stuff.

    • Open Office - Manage documents.
    • Atom - Text Editor.
    • Zsh (plus few good plugins) - Shell.
    • Vim (plus few good plugins) - For the Keyboard sticklers.
    • VLC, Firefox, Transmission etc.
    • All the essential Compilers, Interpreters for Ruby, Python, C++, Java, Node etc.
  • Hmmm, so let's look at a few challenges here. Ruby and Node are mostly installed using version managers, so they come on the home folder. Not sure how this would happen in a custom distro!

    Similarly with ohmyzsh and vim plugins!

    One approach could be to discuss every free software that could be used in labs, and make the distro contain all that! (This approach was tried earlier).

    And CEGLUG could work on some sort of an installer project maybe. Something like a single script that would install the additionals (maybe).
  • @prashantbarca

    May be one of the simpler ways to go is simply install all the things that I mentioned plus whatever we are yet to decide and simply write a script to import all those app + app data (any dependency) to the new/current user?

    I'm one of the guys picky about user settings and preference. But, many don't bother about that. They can at least use with the current user until they learn to configure things themselves.

    Oh wait! Linux can't have one user also by default? Just realised. I'm not sure. Let me lookup more on that.
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    Oh ! okay, so something like Rails-App-Composer ( https://github.com/RailsApps/rails_apps_composer ) you mean ?

    "(This approach was tried earlier)." - Could you please discuss more on that and was it released in public ?

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