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is a tool that enables one to transfer files/folders from any Laptop
with Ubuntu(or any GNU/Linux distro) to any other devices on the same
network by zipping them and starting a HTTP server.

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Authored by @prabhakaran9397

Open to discussion for further developement and works on Transfer-x. Kindly pour in your thoughts here !


  • Hi,
    Transfer-X, X in LinuX, UniX, OS-X (Not tested in Mac)
    The reason for using python HTTP server in Transfer-X is because, in our CS lab, we predominantly use write and python -m SimpleHTTPServer commands to share the code. Then I happened to use python server to share my files to my mobile. Later this idea of automating it happened.

    I've an idea of taking it to next level like giving access to my files to a person on different network without any intermediate server, automated port forwarding (Not so sure about it). Need some help in optimizing the idea or Is it cool to send to a person in different network(or is there already softwares available for that)?
  • You can use Port Triggering to automate port forwarding. When you send data through a particular port, the router automatically forwards the specified port.
    You can also use torrent. Generate a link and share it to the other computer.
  • I'll check on that.
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